Customer Care Sales Representative

Location: Cardiff

Contract Type: Permanent Full Time

Closing Date: 04 February 2022

Salary: Competitive

Customer Care Sales Representative


As a Customer Care Sales Representative, for the whole of the UK Ostomy business, you will build strong and trusted relationships with patients throughout the U.K. You will be contacting potential product & service users by telephone and following up all communications through appropriate channels. Driving increased sales in Pelican and Respond Stoma Care products and increasing the number of patients using Respond as their prescription dispenser.

As a Customer Care Sales Representative for the UK Ostomy group, you will promote group products and services, making Pelican and Respond the companies for choice for patient support and prescription dispensing.

The role will be predominantly telephone based and will include:

Advice and support relating to stoma care which may include personal and intimate aspects of stoma care and related lifestyle choices.

Following up on patient sample requests and by exploring and understanding the patients’ needs offering a group product as a first-choice solution.

To gain commitment from the patient of continued use of group products and support changes to their prescription through their prescriber.

Increasing the number of patients using Respond as their prescription dispensing service.

Gathering patient feedback as part of the UK Ostomy business collection of post-market research.



Stage 1

Upon receipt of a trial request, you will contact the patient primarily by telephone, prior to trial samples being despatched, to introduce them to the group. You will use this opportunity to understand the patients’ needs, including pouch customisation, and issues that the patient is looking to solve to ensure the product meets the patient’s requirements and the trial is successful.  You will also explore current prescription products, including accessories to look for opportunities for other group products.  At this initial stage you will ‘warm’ the patient to further contact. 

Stage 2

To follow up on trials by the preferred method of contact to gather feedback on the trial.

Stage 3

Continued, agreed and regular contact with patients, building relationships with an aim to ensure the patient commits to using group product.  To support the patient through the change of prescription requirements with the prescriber. Promoting the        Respond Home Delivery Service as the choice of dispensing.

Group Product Promotion

At Stage 1 identify products being regularly prescribed, including accessories and support garments.  During Stage 2 and Stage 3 conversations introduce other group products to the patient, as an alternative to current prescription products.  Arrange for trial samples to be provided, if necessary.

Accessory Sample Trial Request

Upon receipt of the accessory sample request contact the patient to discuss the need for the accessory, usage, and alternatives, to ensure the best patient outcome.  As an example, leaking pouches, any need a pouch template review or Cohesive Seal.

Respond Dispensing Service Promotion

During Stage 2 and Stage 3 introduce and promote Respond as a first-choice prescription dispenser for all the patient’s prescription requirements.  Using the high level of service, patient testimonials, customer satisfaction surveys and relationship with Pelican Healthcare to further enhance the service levels and speed of delivery.

Patient Advocate

If appropriate and when necessary, act as the patient’s advocate, promoting patient choice and positive patient outcomes in discussing change of products with the Stoma Care Nurse, G.P. Surgery or Prescription Dispenser.


Diary management to ensure follow up calls are prioritised and carried as promised to the customer. 


This role is a result-driven position, against targets.  Success is measured in relation to Group product sales and new patients using the Respond prescription dispensing service. Additionally, the valuable product feedback is reported into R&D to support product development.

Product Promotion

  • To ensure that all samples are followed up and data / information in regard to continued use is recorded. To establish opportunities to cross-sell Group products. To supply additional samples if necessary.

Sales Growth

  • Follow up potential leads by proactively making outbound telephone calls in order to increase the sales of Pelican and Respond products. To increase the number of new patients using the Respond Prescription Dispensing Service.

Product Intelligence

  • To gather product intelligence, both positive and negative, and report into R&D for future product improvements or developments.

Group Product Advocates

  • To record positive patient outcomes and grow the ‘family’ of Pelican & Respond product patient advocates.


  • To adhere to the company’s GDPR, Clinical Governance and Confidentiality policies and procedures.
  • To adhere to the company’s Equal Opportunities policy and Dignity at work policy in all activities and to actively promote equality of opportunity wherever possible
  • To be responsible for your own health and safety and that of your colleagues, in accordance with the company’s’ Health and Safety policy
  • To adhere to the company’s Quality policy and Environmental policy




  • Can demonstrate sales techniques that obtain results
  • Ability to demonstrate excellent written, spoken and listening communication skills.
  • A polite and friendly telephone manner and easily builds rapport
  • Experience of using own initiative to exceed targets
  • Experience of remaining positive when receiving rejection in a sales environment
  • Obtained a level of GCSE English, Maths and I.T. Level C or above
  • Ability to demonstrate excellent organisational skills and diary management
  • Attention to detail and accuracy in recording data
  • Microsoft packages, such as Word and Excel.
  • Ability to work autonomously


  •    Educated to A-level standard or equivalent




Respond and Pelican Sales Team, Respond Nurse Team, Respond and UK Ostomy Customer Services Team        and Group Marketing Team. Support and liaise to ensure smooth transition of patients from samples to follow up calls and conversion to Respond Prescription Dispensing Service.  Gain and feedback marketing intelligence. 


Patients, G.P. Surgeries and Stoma Care Nurses.  As the patient advocate ensuring patients’ needs are met positively.



  • Budget / resources: to be aware of sample and carriage budgets.
  • Travel Requirements. Travel to events is necessary.



Problem solving – Generates and promotes solutions.  Sees clearly which is the best way forward.  Able to make decisions and commitments within appropriate time frame.

Resilience – Can work under pressure, remains calm, thinks clearly and manages emotion under pressure. Addresses issues without being aggressive or controlling and can easily bounce back from setbacks. Is open to feedback and doesn’t dwell on past events.

Team Working – Enjoys participating in group activities and likes to work in close proximity with other people.  Is ready to collaborate with and support others and is willing to co-operate and compromise for the overall good.

Oral Communication – Talks readily and confidently to people, expressing themselves with obvious ease.  Speak out and makes themselves heard, often playing a leading and influential role in debate and discussion.

Interpersonal / Influencing – Deals with other in a convincing way that leads to gaining agreement without relying on hierarchy and shows sensitivity to working relationships.  Doesn’t give up easily in the face of opinions that differ from their own.  Influences others to reach conclusions and gain agreements.

Following Directions – Is motivated to accept and comply with standards and instructions and has a strong conscience about delivering what is promised or expected.  Doesn’t like letting people down and works productively in cooperation with, and support of others.

Information Gathering – Enjoys dealing with and refers to factual data.  Likes to be well informed and drills down into details.  Prefers to access wide range of information and opinion before making decisions and when solving problems.

Quality Orientation – Is precise, pays attention to details, checks things and ties up ‘loose ends’.  Has a strong conscience about getting things right and seeks to ensure that decisions and solutions do not involve undue risk, adheres to policy and standards.



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