Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) Manager

Location: Cardiff

Contract Type: Permanent Full Time

Closing Date: 19 August 2022

Salary: Competitive

Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) Manager


The Health Safety and Environmental Manager is responsible for maintaining and developing the HS&E compliance and culture within Eakin Healthcare.

The HSE Manager will ensure that the company, and all employees within, comply with health, safety and environmental laws. They will also be responsible for establishing policies that will create and maintain a safe and environmentally conscientious workplace.



The HSE Manager is responsible for the management and control of the site HS&E policies and procedures and compliance with these. In conjunction with the Site Operations Leadership Team, they will develop the strategy and methodology to continually improve the safety culture and HSE standards of the site to reduce risk to the site and its employees. They will interact across the group and with external experts to share best practice and anticipate changes to regulations that could impact the company in the future.

As HS&E Manager you must have excellent attention to detail to identify hazards. You will also be able to discover opportunities for improving conditions and execute various safety programs. The ability to communicate effectively to a multidisciplinary workforce is essential.

The goal is to ensure the workplace meets all legal expectations and actively supports high occupational health, safety and environmental standards.

  • Supports the Top Management in the HSE Policy and Guidelines issue.
  • Supports the Top Management in the Organization roles and responsibilities definition, for what concerns safety aspects.
  • Supports the Top Management in the HSE Management System standard issue.
  • Ensures, in accordance with the Corporate guidelines, the implementation, updating, review and auditing of the Company HSE Systems.
  • Monitors the effective implementation of appropriate Safety and Environment System procedures and provide for their updating in line with changes in Legislation and Company Directives.
  • Provides for motivation and familiarization of all Company personnel respecting the importance of complying with Company system procedures and all Safety equipment provided.
  • Assists the Commercial, Engineering and Operations Department in their dealings with Clients in all issues concerned with Health and Safety at work.
  • Conducts safety audits both internal and external.
  • Takes part in accident / incident investigation.
  • Carries out analysis of accident / incident statistics, identifying trends and suggesting improvement plans.
  • Provides technical support to Senior Management on any safety related subjects.
  • Carries out any in-house safety training.
  • Carries out safety audits on Sub-contractors.
  • Liaises between Clients on safety related issues.
  • Safeties related engineering input into new projects and modification programs.
  • Participates to HAZOP meetings prior to procurement and installation activities.
  • Performs Risk Assessment.
  • Preparation of Health and Safety documentation for new tenders.
  • Provides Safety support and advice, including supervision on preparation of plans and procedures for initial contract start up activities.




  • Proven experience as Safety Manager
  • Deep understanding of legal health and safety guidelines
  • Ability in producing reports and developing relevant policies
  • Good knowledge of data analysis and risk assessment
  • Excellent organisational and motivational skills
  • Outstanding attention to detail and observation ability
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Valid qualification in occupational health and safety such as NEBOSH


  • BSc/BA in safety management or relevant field




  • Coordination and alignment with other HS&E professionals across the Group.
  • Part of the Site Operations Leadership Team.
  • Interaction with senior managers across other site functions.
  • Interaction with members of the Group Operations Team and personnel from other EHG sites.


  • Interaction with key suppliers, customers and service providers as required.
  • Key point of contact with external HS&E legal and government bodies as required.



  • Interaction with site personnel at various levels
  • Control of the site HS&E budget.
  • Ability/willingness to travel within UK



Problem solving – Generates and promotes solutions.  Sees clearly which is the best way forward.  Able to make decisions and commitments within appropriate time frame.

Team Working – Enjoys participating in group activities and likes to work in close proximity with other people.  Is ready to collaborate with and support others and is willing to co-operate and compromise for the overall good.

Supporting Others – Enjoys supporting other people and is prone to getting involved and trying to help them when they have problems. Is comfortable to contribute to joint endeavours and enjoys team work.  Is willing to let other people depend on them.

Resilience – Can work under pressure, remains calm, thinks clearly and manages emotion under pressure. Addresses issues without being aggressive or controlling and can easily bounce back from setbacks. Is open to feedback and doesn’t dwell on past events.

Analytical – Enjoys analysing qualitative data but also considers quantitative and seeks to identify and explore they key elements in information before making commitments.  Tends to like to use facts and figures when planning and reporting and is concerned about accuracy and detail

Planning and Organising – Thinks things through well in advance and maps out future activities, taking the key stages and requirements into account.  Likes to monitor to ensure that things are implemented and delivered effectively

Quality Orientation – Is precise, pays attention to details, checks things and ties up ‘loose ends’.  Has a strong conscience about getting things right and seeks to ensure that decisions and solutions do not involve undue risk, adheres to policy and standards.

Interpersonal / Influencing – Deals with other in a convincing way that leads to gaining agreement without relying on hierarchy and shows sensitivity to working relationships.  Doesn’t give up easily in the face of opinions that differ from their own.  Influences others to reach conclusions and gain agreements.

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