End of Line Operator

Location: Cardiff

Contract Type: Permanent Full Time

Closing Date: 01 February 2021

Salary: Competitive

End of Line Operator


The purpose of the End of Line Operator role is ensure good quality products are manufactured on the automated lines for the end user.

It is vital these are carried out to ensure the company maintain their core values which are Quality, Trust, Service, Integrity, innovation and Value.

Working 3 shift pattern

  • Nights 22:00-06:00
  • Mornings 06:00-14:00
  • Afternoons 14:00-22:00



Product inspection

  • Carry out quality inspection of every product manufactured from the line as per stated in the Work instruction. Report any variances to standard and seek advise if unsure.


  • Assist in TPM and start up preparation at the beginning of each shift. This may involve cleaning around machine, cleaning parts of the machine, cleaning floor area around the machine and also stocking materials side line from Kanban.

Complete Documentation

  • Ensure the documentation is completed correctly to enable them to be read easily and to retrieve information such as process quality results, shift reports containing quantity manufactured and any breakdowns. In addition clear records to be recorded of materials used in the manufacturing process to enable full traceability should product need be recalled. 


  • To ensure a good standard of housekeeping is maintained in the working area.


  • Responsible for ensuring products manufactured are packed using the correct materials as stated on the product routings.
  • To adhere to the company’s Equal Opportunities policy and Dignity at work policy in all activities and to actively promote equality of opportunity wherever possible.
  • To be responsible for your own health and safety and that of your colleagues, in accordance with the company’s’ Health and Safety policy.
  • To adhere to the company’s Quality policy and Environmental policy.
  • To undertake other duties as may be reasonably required.





  • Good attendance record.
  • Able to work unsupervised 


  • Experience working with automated lines and product inspection.
  • Experience in carrying out quality checks.




  • Working within a team. Reporting to the Machine team Leader/shift Supervisor.


  • None



COMPETENCIES Oral Communication – Talks readily and confidently to people, expressing themselves with obvious ease.  Speak out and makes themselves heard, often playing a leading and influential role in debate and discussion.

Following Directions – Is motivated to accept and comply with standards and instructions and has a strong conscience about delivering what is promised or expected.  Doesn’t like letting people down and works productively in cooperation with, and support of others.

Quality Orientation – Is precise, pays attention to details, checks things and ties up ‘loose ends’.  Has a strong conscience about getting things right and seeks to ensure that decisions and solutions do not involve undue risk, adheres to policy and standards.

Team Working – Enjoys participating in group activities and likes to work in close proximity with other people.  Is ready to collaborate with and support others and is willing to co-operate and compromise for the overall good. 

Supporting Others – Enjoys supporting other people and is prone to getting involved and trying to help them when they have problems. Is comfortable to contribute to joint endeavours and enjoys team work.  Is willing to let other people depend on them.

Resilience – Can work under pressure, remains calm, thinks clearly and manages emotion under pressure. Addresses issues without being aggressive or controlling and can easily bounce back from setbacks. Is open to feedback and doesn’t dwell on past events.


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