Master Data Manager

Location: Cardiff

Contract Type: Permanent Full Time

Closing Date: 15 December 2023

Salary: Competitive

Master Data Manager


Our IT team is located in 3 core sites in Comber (N Ireland), Coleraine (N Ireland) and Cardiff (Wales) in order  to support the whole organisation. This role can be based at any of these sites.

As the Master Data Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing and managing Master Data within Eakin Healthcare. This critical role will encompass all aspects of the data lifecycle from creation to destruction, ensuring quality assurance and maintenance of data essential for effective decision-making and operations across the organisation.

This role will be responsible for implementing Master Data Management across the business and maturing this process over time. Working as a cross-functional influencer across all departments dealing with Master Data, you will need to interpret complex disparate systems and processes, ensuring managed output with controls in place securing data quality.

Key to the success of this role will be the education and support of data stewards, owners, and process owners to ensure they understand and are managing their responsibilities. Where required this will include working together to define and re-engineer processes, managing ambiguity and the change management required to control data.

Reporting to the Head of Data, the Master Data Manager role sits within the Data and Process Team that forms part of the IT Service for Eakin Healthcare and will help support the team with governance of data across the business.

An excellent communicator, you will also know how to examine new data system requirements and support the implementation of migration models.



Data Governance

  • Develop and implement master data governance policies, standards, and procedures.
  • Enforce data governance policies and procedures to maintain data quality and consistency, ensuring compliance across the organisation.

Data Maintenance

  • Support maintenance of master data records for products, customers, suppliers, and other critical data entities.
  • Regularly update and cleanse master data to eliminate duplications and inaccuracies.

Data Quality

  • Establish data quality metrics and KPIs to monitor and report on data accuracy.
  • Collaborate with data stewards and data owners to resolve data quality issues.

Data Integration

  • Oversee data integration processes to ensure data consistency across different systems and departments.
  • Provide oversight on data integration projects.

Data Documentation

  • Maintain comprehensive documentation of data sources, data models, and data dictionaries.
  • Update data governance documentation.

Training and Support

  • Provide training and support to end-users and data stewards on data entry best practices.
  • Offer assistance in resolving data-related issues and questions.

Data Security

  • Advise on access controls and data security protocols to protect sensitive information.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant data privacy and security regulations.

Data Strategy

  • Contribute to the ongoing development and delivery of the organisation's data strategy and roadmap.
  • Identify opportunities to leverage master data for strategic decision-making.




  • Proven experience in Master Data Management and Data Governance role.
  • Understanding of modern Master Data Management Concepts and Data Quality approaches, tools, techniques, vendor landscape, and best practices.
  • Proven analytical abilities when managing ambiguity, supporting process management, process re-engineering, and data management.
  • Understanding of appropriate business domain models and MDM scenarios.
  • Proven organisation and priority setting skills.
  • Demonstrated problem-solving skills using available resources, and proactive escalate when additional resources may be required.
  • Strong understanding of data quality and data security principles.
  • Familiarity with data management tools and systems.
  • Ability to communicate with stakeholders at all levels.
  • Ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams and manage projects effectively.


  • Educated to honours degree in a relevant field.
  • Experience with at least one enterprise Master Data Management Tool such as Informatica, Talend, CluedIn or Profisee.
  • Certifications with MDM Tools.
  • Knowledge of relevant data privacy regulations (e.g. Data Protection Act, GDPR).
  • Previous experience in master data processing and ERP systems, preferably Sage X3 or Microsoft Navision, but other Tier1/2 ERP Systems would be relevant.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.




  • Process Owners and Data Stewards/Owners that create and control data within the group to ensure their reporting requirements are being met.
  • Data & Process Team to support governance, process re-engineering and security controls etc.


  • MDM System supplier



  • The successful candidate could be based at our Cardiff, Comber, or Coleraine offices.
  • Willingness to travel to other Group sites for onsite support.



Analytical – Enjoys analysing qualitative data but also considers quantitative and seeks to identify and explore they key elements in information before making commitments.  Tends to like to use facts and figures when planning and reporting and is concerned about accuracy and detail.

Information Gathering – Enjoys dealing with and refers to factual data.  Likes to be well informed and drills down into details.  Prefers to access wide range of information and opinion before making decisions and when solving problems.

Planning and Organising – Thinks things through well in advance and maps out future activities, taking the key stages and requirements into account.  Likes to monitor to ensure that things are implemented and delivered effectively.

Problem solving – Generates and promotes solutions.  Sees clearly which the best way is forward.  Able to make decisions and commitments within appropriate time frame.

Quality Orientation – Is precise, pays attention to details, checks things and ties up ‘loose ends’.  Has a strong conscience about getting things right and seeks to ensure that decisions and solutions do not involve undue risk, adheres to policy and standards.

Resilience – Can work under pressure, remains calm, thinks clearly and manages emotion under pressure. Addresses issues without being aggressive or controlling and can easily bounce back from setbacks. Is open to feedback and doesn’t dwell on past events.

Supporting Others – Enjoys supporting other people and is prone to getting involved and trying to help them when they have problems. Is comfortable to contribute to joint endeavours and enjoys teamwork.  Is willing to let other people depend on them.

Technical expert – Full breadth of technical knowledge and can operate as a technical advisor, influencing others to achieve goals without relying on hierarchy. Keeps up to date on changes within their field and implements plans to ensure organisation is in a state of readiness.  Participates in industry and professional associations.

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